Who am I ?

Camille Lakin - Vinolady

Passionate about gastronomy, wine and beer, I became a sommelier after getting my sommelier diploma in 2012. « Globetrotter », I enhanced my professionals skills by travelling and working in different countries (China, USA, Belgium, and Australia). Being abroad helped me to improve my professional wine knowledge, and open up my mind and my senses to many other cultures and flavors.

Committed to strive for excellence, I worked in different well known establishments rewarded with Michelin stars (Hôtel de Paris, a palace in Monaco ; Les Sources de Caudalie, a palace close to Bordeaux ; La Butte, 1 Michelin-starred restaurant in Brittany…). I had the great pleasure of working in contact with a very demanding, international and diversified clientele during all my different professional experiences. I have learnt to anticipate, listen, and adapt quickly to the clientele.

Always looking out for new challenges and dedicated to further sharing my passion for gastronomy, I decided to create my company, Vinolady. Since April 2018, I have the pleasure of making myself available to be your customised sommelier. I propose workshops on wines and/or beers created according to your desires, tastes and your gastronomic wishes. I can organise these workshops during your family or professional events, such as a stag/hen party, a wedding, a birthday or seminars.

Everything is possible for Vinolady, just simply ask!

About Vinolady

What does she propose?

Whorkshops about wine and beer customised to meet your desires of the moment, to improve your knowledge in a very friendly atmosphere. The aim is to provide you with some useful knowledge from a sommelier, that you can use at home with your family, or friends.

What is her targeted audience?

Vinolady is available for individuals as well as for professionals.

What does a workshop include ?

The workshop contains : a presentation by your Vinolady sommelier, a special selection of wines/beers, the provision of the appropriate testing glasses, training materials, and gastronomic products according to the chosen topic.

How far does Vinolady reach out?

Vinolady can come to your home or to the location of your choice.

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